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COVID-19 measures

Last updated: 29 November 2021

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Corona virus

Infection rates and hospital admissions in the Netherlands are rising rapidly. The government wants to prevent the scaling down of care for patients other than coronas. That is why it has been decided that extra measures are needed.

Which corona measures apply in West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and affect me?

In Zeeland, the national rules apply. In places where a corona access card is not required, keep 1.5 metres away from each other and wear a face mask. Adjusted opening hours apply to shops and services such as hairdressers and food and beverage outlets. The basic rules remain: wash hands, keep a distance of 1,5 meters from each other, do not shake hands, make sure there is enough fresh air and in case of complaints stay at home and get tested immediately.

Can I still come to Zeeland for a holiday, a weekend-trip or a day-trip? What do I have to take into account if I want to come?

The national advice also applies to visitors to Zeeland. Check the latest measures in English here.
On the website, you will find more information about overnight stay in Zeeland.

Are shops open?

Yes, shops are open but modified opening hours apply and a face mask must be worn.
  • Non-essential shops and non-essential services such as clothing shops, contact professions like hairdressers and casinos are open until 5pm.
  • Essential shops such as supermarkets, pet shops and drugstores are open until 8pm.

Are catering outlets open in West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen?

Eating and drinking establishments are allowed to open between 05.00 in the morning and 17.00 in the evening. You need a corona access card, both inside and outside on the terrace, with the exception of take-away. A permanent seat is required. Click here for an overview of the West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen restaurants. Check out your local options.

When do I need a corona access card?

You need a corona access card for:

  • Restaurants (both inside and outside at the terrace
  • Museum
  • Cinema and theatre
  • Concert and festival
  • Events (can take place until 6 p.m. and with a fixed seat and with a maximum of 1250 people per room
  • Indoor sports venues (from the age of 18) Audiences at sports, both professionals and amateurs, are not allowed. Further all sports are allowed.

You feel you might have corona symptoms?

If your condition is mild, please get tested without delay. Call the national corona helpline (free) on 0800-1202 in EN, DE or NL. They will arrange a speedy appointment. If your mobile phone cannot reach this number, call the same team on +31 850 659 063.